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Archives Thunderstorm Challenge

34 Views· 04/08/21
Anubirai whatshot
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First time beating it on PC.

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RawHuncho 2 years ago

pc is way better on ow for me

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Anubirai 2 years ago

Agreed. I use to go back and for from PC to PS since my two kids still played on it. But now that all 5 of us are on PC, I don't think I'll ever go back lol. I'll miss some of the skins though.

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Xrated 2 years ago

a lot of head shots for sure, nice game

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RoadHog 2 years ago

well done.

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PotGtv 2 years ago

I went ahead and liked, i haven't watched it yet, will watch when I get home.

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Anubirai 2 years ago

It's nothing special, just actually finished it lol.

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