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[SFM] - J. McCree - High Enough ft. Angela Ziegler - Overwatch Animated

48 Views· 26/03/21

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Found this shit on facebook/youtube, funny as hell!

For the memes and giant sky cowboys!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IM NOT DEAD! And don't worry, this was NOT what ive been doing for a year... This actually only took me 4 days to complete!Stay tuned, 3 Saxxy Awards projects coming up in a month or so!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Special thanks to Reddit user Ytumith whom made a post which ignited all this.Another thanks to my friend Mageofdavodo who helped me alot with critiques and editing/behind the scenes tips c:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Song name: Kirin J Callinan - Big Enough ft. Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, Jimmy BarnesOriginal source material: is intended as a spoof of the original, so yes i did try my best to recreate shots and motion.

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CaipiRinha 2 years ago

haha xD

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2 years ago

lol! i like the end.

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