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Behind Enemy Lines

68 Views· 04/04/21
Anubirai whatshot
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⁣⁣⁣Dropping behind the full team of the enemy, taking half of them out and escaping is always fun.

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CaipiRinha 2 years ago

nice flank!

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RoadHog 2 years ago

Flanking is always fun! Especially if their team doesn't communicate well.

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Anubirai 2 years ago

See, I was going to call it flanking too. But the definition of flanking is coming from the sides like Jurassic Park taught us about Velociraptor lol. Outflank seems to be the closest I can find to an attack from the rear lol.

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PotGtv 2 years ago

damn nice play! that was kicking ass

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