Don't Give Up!

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Just an article written to motivate anyone who streams!

Hey y'all

I just wanted to share some insights especially if you are struggling with content creation and streaming.

As Lucio says in Overwatch 2 after he dies, "You know, it's not always gonna be a top hit." 

Well, I made Twitch affiliate after 34 days back in November 2018, but haven't really grown my channel since then, just reached 200 followers on Twitch on New Years Day 2023 and January 2023 will be my second payout from Twitch ever. 

It takes time to grow, but at the same time, look at what your friends do, don't try to copy them word for word, but look at their work like a canvas, and maybe you will find what you like and hopefully you can build your base.

Anyways, Happy New Year 2023 from your friend and ally - Haven

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